FDAEXPRESS leaves its customers with practices that allow you to develop and produce high-quality products with efficient, GMP-compliant operations that benefit long after the project may be over.

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FDAEXPRESS has proven its success through an excellent FDA approval record FDAEXPRESS supports the pharmaceutical industry with an ever-growing portfolio of services. We are headquartered in London with permanent offices in the United States (Florida), providing a virtual bridge of services linking pharmaceutical companies across Europe to the FDA regulatory environment. Our customers include API manufacturers, a wide variety of finished dosage form manufacturers, CMOs, intermediate processors, testing facilities, medical device manufacturers, homeopathic and food ingredient suppliers. To provide the necessary depth and quality of our services, FDAEXPRESS works with a global base of associate consultants. We can provide our projects with a combination of US based experts and Europe based technicians to enable our clients the benefits of a financial commitment, along with the best and most qualified consultants available for the specific task at hand. We have the ability to communicate with clients and regulatory agencies in multiple languages. We have earned a well-deserved reputation for trust, expertise and highly successful project results. We believe that the expertise resulting from our many years of experience and hard work equates to positive results.

FDA EXPRESS LTD is headquartered in London and Florida USA

Services: FDA US AGENT

The appointment of a US agent is a mandatory requirement for foreign companies wishing to sell drugs or pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and dietary supplements, in the US. & Nbsp; We can act as your agent and provide services to support you with FDA regulations. In Europe we are represented by the UESE International Ltd group


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